Fly Istanbul - Pamukkale
An early morning transfer takes you from your hotel in Istanbul to meet your flight to Denizli (Pamukkale), where you are greeted by your licensed tour guide. From there, a short drive takes us to the unique natural wonder of Pamukkale. Enjoy walking in the warm mineral waters of Pamukkale, where sparkling white basins formed by limestone deposits cascade dramatically down the mountainside. As you can see by the remains of marble columns in the picturesque Baths of Cleopatra, the thermal waters here have been used for their therapeutic powers since the Roman period. We will also explore the surrounding area of Hierapolis with its 2nd century Roman TheaterApollo Temple, and the largest and best preserved Necropolis in Anatolia. After enjoying the splendors of Pamukkale, lunch at a local eatery in an unspoiled Anatolian town. We drive onto Aphrodisias, one of the most beautiful (and least visited) ancient cities in Turkey. Named after Aphrodite, the goddess of love, this Greco-Roman site was once an important cultural and intellectual center renowned for its school of sculpture. See the well preserved monumental gateways, the thirty-thousand-seat stadium, and a rich array of public buildings, all of which offer important clues to the city's high standard of living. With a fine supply of quality marble nearby, the school at Aphrodisias cultivated the finest master sculptors, whose coveted works were found all over the Roman empire. Most of the magnificent statues found in the public buildings in the city are on display at the Aphrodisias Museum inside the ancient city. At the end of the day, you are transferred to one of our select hotels in Bafa Lake.


Euromus - Didyma - Priene Guided Tour
After breakfast, a short drive through small villages takes us to the site of Euromus. Here, half-hidden in a grove of olive trees, lies the remains of the Temple of Zeus, one of the best-preserved temples in Turkey. Our drive continues through the Meander Valley to the colossal and awe-inspiring Temple of Apollo at Didyma. Once the most important oracle in the ancient Greek world, Didyma attracted travellers from afar who came seeking guidance. Enjoy exploring and photographing the temple with your guide before relaxing across the street at lunch in a local restaurant. Next, we head to another of the Ionian cities – Priene – pleasantly situated at the base of a cliff on Mt. Mycale. Priene is one of the most attractive and well preserved ancient sites on the west coast. The intimate scale and layout of the city gives you a sense of the community that once thrived here. Alexander the Great ordered the building of the Temple of Athena, a classic example of the pure Ionic style. Wander through the nearby agora, stoa, and surprisingly intact theater, where you can rest in one of the armchair seats (complete with lion-paw armrests). At the end of the day, you are transferred to one of our select hotels in Ephesus Area.


Ephesus Guided Tour
After breakfast, meet your tour guide and start today's explorations at the Temple of Artemis, one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient world. Next, head to the Isa Bey Mosque for an impressive display of 14th century Turkish architecture. Continue on to visit the Basilica of St John, part of the magnificent church built over the tomb of St. John the Evangelist by Emperor Justinian in the sixth century. St. John is said to have lived in Ephesus with the Virgin Mary up to the time of his death. Following lunch at a local eatery specializing in Cop Sis (tasty flame-grilled lamb skewers), visit the superbly presented Ephesus Archaeological Museum. This collection of artifacts from Ephesus includes furniture and personal items from the Terrace Houses, fabulous marble statuary, and a gladiator exhibit featuring skeletal remains showing evidence of these warriors' fatal injuries and the weapons that inflicted them. A short drive takes you to the House of the Virgin Mary, authenticated by Pope Paul II in 1967 and a pilgrimage site for many religions. Next, we explore the unmatched archaeological site of ancient Ephesus. The sheer size and grandeur of the site make this the best-preserved classical city in the eastern Mediterranean. As you wind your way down through the city of colonnaded avenues, you will see the magnificent façade of the Celsus Library, the Temple of Hadrian, City Hall, the public baths, marketplaces, courthouses, fountains, the theater, as well as a brothel and public latrine. Your tour also includes a visit to see the Terrace Houses - well-preserved private homes of the Roman upper-class with many intact mosaics and frescoes. Transfer to tonight's accommodations at one of our select hotels in Ephesus area.


Pergamon Guided Tour and Fly to Istanbul
Three hours north of Ephesus is the ancient Roman city of Pergamon, known for its most famous second century BCE resident surgeon and philosopher, Galen. Our first visit, therefore, is to the Asclepion, one of the most famous medical centers of the ancient world. Residents of the Roman world would travel here to seek cures to their various ailments in the mud baths and waters of the site. Learn here why the snake is entwined in the modern medical symbol. Our next stop is the archeological museum of Pergamon. View relics and statues of the early Romans. We are then treated to authentic Turkish hospitality at a nearby home where we enjoy a luncheon of local delicacies prepared in the traditional way of the Pergamom residents. We continue our tour of  Pergamon  by ascending the acropolis, site of the Temple to Zeus and home to the steepest theater of the ancient world.  Our next visit is to the library, second in fame only to the library at Alexandria, Egypt. In order to preserve the writings of the time, pergamena, treated animal skins and later known as parchment, was developed here. We also see one of the most impressive temples of the ancient world, the temple dedicated to the Roman Emperor, Trojan. We end our day by getting private access to a Roman villa at the acropolis, where we step into the past and view the art of the ancient residents. At the end of the day, you are transferred to Izmir Airport for an evening flight to Istanbul, where you are greeted and driven to your hotel.


3 Day Cappadocia Explorer Trip Features


  • An incredible experience without the hordes of tourists
  • 1 Night accommodation with breakfast at a Select Room of your choice
  • Domestic Flights
  • Air-conditioned vehicle with non-smoking private driver
  • Entrance to all sites
  • Guided tour at sites by licensed, non-smoking private tour guide
  • A la carte lunches with beverages
  • Airport transfers in Istanbul, Ephesus and Pamukkale
  • Complimentary bottled water throughout the day tours
  • Taxes


This tour can be customized for you, adding or omitting places as you wish. Final pricing will depend upon your personal selections.

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